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Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 1 So Quotes

I do not own Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter and FX do.  I claim nothing at all so don't sue me.
All hail Kurt Sutter for giving us these words.


Season 3 Episode 1 So


Chuckie: "S'okay, I'll stay here...tidy up." 


Clay: (to Tara) "Hey, you done good sweetheart. You really stepped up. You're the best thing that happened to Jax. We're all so glad you're around."


Jax: "Gimme the hat."

Clay: "I'll give it back when we find him. Because we are gonna find him. You hear me?"


Bobby: "Oh Shit!"

Man: "Put your shit down! Put it down! Put 'em down!"

Clay: "Just a friendly visit boys."

Man: "Oh yeah? Why'd this asshole try to blow our heads off then?"

Bobby: "Just tryin' to get your attention."

Man: (Putting gun to Bobby's head) "Oh, well, you got it now bitch."

Bobby: "I got his attention."

Clay: "I see that."


(at the cemetery)

Piney: "So, how's the old man?"

Jax: "Still dead."

Piney: "Yeah, you know, I hear that happens."

Jax: "What are you doin'? Cruisin' for widows?"


Tara: "You're a despicable woman. Stay outta my business."

Stahl: "Or what Doctor? What? You gonna have one of Jax's boys cut me down?

Tara: "I don't need a boy to handle my shit. You stay away from my family." (Tara drives away)

Stahl: (to Clay) "Well, Gemma trains them well, I'll give her that. Where is she Clay?"

Clay: "I have no idea."

Stahl: "Well, we'll find her."

Clay: "From what I hear that's not gonna matter much to you. Chief tells me you really pissed off the FBI, steppin' on a three year neo nazi sting."

Stahl: "Lotta bad guys out there, sometimes the pursuit gets a little...messy, ya know?

Clay: "That why your bosses pulled you off the Irish. Cuz it got a little messy? Seems avoiding the bad shooting hit didn't do you much good after all. All you did by framing Gemma was get a man killed and a baby kidnapped. If anything happens to my grandson, anything, I promise you I'm gonna shove a gun barrel up that boney ass of yours and I'm gonna blow your black heart out."


Man: "You stealin' my car Bitch?

Gemma: "No. I'm the valet, shithead!"

Man: "I'll kill you!"

(Gemma stabs him in the crotch)

Tig: (running up) "Are you outta your goddamn mind?!"

Gemma: "Yeah. Maybe a little."

Tig: "Jesus...You all right?"

Gemma: "I'm okay"


Tig: "Gemma, you almost cut the guy's joint off."

Gemma: "If I wanted him dickless it'd be layin' on the ground next to him. It was a flesh wound."

Tig: "Oh, good, well that flesh wound is gonna cost this club a shitload of favors."

Gemma: "Ya know you're not going to be able to keep me here right? I'm goin' whether you like it or not.

Tig: "Gemma, why are you doin' this to me? Why? I promised Clay I would keep you safe."

Gemma: "Then you better come with me Tigger."


Tara: "I know. It's become so clear to me. The noise doesn't matter. We don't know who we are until we're connected to someone else. We're just better human beings when we're with the person we're supposed to be with. I wasn't supposed to leave. I belong here."


The Reverend: "She'll be back soon." (talking about Gemma's dead mother)

Gemma: "...I hope not."


Hale: "Makes folks a little nervous when they see Samcro vulnerable. It's not supposed to happen to them in Charming."


Clay: "Made it through Iraqi mine fields only to get taken out in a goddamn kitchen...How you holdin' up son?"

Jax: "I'm okay. You talked to mom?"

Clay: "Uhhuh. This mornin'. She's good, worried about her family. She doesn't know about Abel. She'd...take it on, make it her wouldn't be helpin' anybody."

Jax: "Makes sense."

Clay: "Makes sense for you too. 'Bout like...forty, fifty patches watchin' us right now. We represent the past, present and future of this club. Now sure, the Sons are a democratic organization, but everybody knows what happens in Charming sets the tone for every charter." 

Jax: "And what's happening in Charming?"

Clay: "You tell me. These men behind us? They love you, they respect you and they understand your grief. But they're also wondering what you're gonna do with it."

Jax: "That's my business."

Clay: "No. It isnt. Now these guys are old enough to remember what happened to your old man. How he...fell apart or lost focus when Thomas died."

Jax: "Yeah, well, I'm not my old man." 

Clay: "I know that. But they don't. You gotta show 'em something. Make the hard choice son."

Jax: "And what choice would that be?"

Clay: "Either Abel is dead and you want revenge or he is alive and you would kill to find him. And if you can't make that decision then you better get down on your hands and knees and pray for something to get you there. Fast."


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